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"BA-Ba" est une installation photographique de Laurent Sauerwein, exposée à l'Alliance Française de Shanghai du 10 au 25 juin 2005 : une suite horizontale de 96 images d'objets divers, outils, instruments, bricoles, bestioles, insectes et plantes. Tout est à une échelle 1:1, taille réelle, grandeur nature. Chaque image est accompagnée d'une légende : le nom de l'objet en français.

Version web de la série complète (96 image/mots) ici

"BA-Ba" is the first step in French schools, when you learn how to read. It is the title of a photo installation by Laurent Sauerwein, shown at the Alliance Française in Shanghai, June 10-25, 2005: a horizontal series of 96 pictures of various objects, plants and bugs, all shown at a 1:1 scale, actual, or life-size, each bearing a caption with the thing's name in French.

Web version of the whole series (96 image/words) here

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Laurent Sauerwein is head of the Communication Design department at Parsons-Paris. He also teaches information technology and international communications at the American University of Paris.

A former senior-reporter on French public television and a pioneer in interactive multimedia, Laurent Sauerwein is a designer and an artist. He has had exhibitions at Gallery Sonnabend, the Cartier Foundation, the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. His work is included in several international collections, among which the Centre Pompidou and the Cabinet des Estampes in Geneva.

He uses his own digital photography (and sometimes 3D computer images) to make artist's books - "real books with pages you can actually turn". He has created over 70 books which are sold in brick and mortar galleries and bookstores in Paris, Berlin or New York, as well as on his website www.youcantouch.com.

June 10 - 25 of 2005, Sauerwein will be showing a new photo installation at the Alliance Française in Shanghai, China.